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Our Story:


The story starts in 1986 when the first engineer in the family entered the Power Generation Field. 

Over the next twenty-seven years, the three children followed in his footsteps and all became Mechanical Engineers.  Each engineer in the family entered into a different industry and over time built their knowledge base.

After spending a number of years working across various industries, we noted the desire in the industry for a customer focused engineering service company that is centered around resolving customer's issues in a highly responsive and effective manner.  As a family, we made a commitment to each other and ourselves to start Q3 Engineering and apply our knowledge base while working closely with our customers to fully understand their goals  and promptly help them solve their problems.


Our Mission:

Q3 Engineering LLC works seamlessly and collaboratively with customers to solve their engineering challenges.

We are in the unique position to understand our clients and their needs since we have all been in their shoes.  We experienced the pain of looming project deadlines, unexpected equipment maintenance or failures, and the need to have responsive, competent support.  We come from a variety of backgrounds, but we've all recognized good support can be the difference that recovers a schedule or saves a critical piece of equipment.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to be a true twenty-first century engineering firm that has a level of responsiveness above all other competitors.

In addition to various mechanical and controls engineering responsibilities, Q3 Engineering provides partnering  services such as 24/7 phone support, after hours on-site service, and supplemental engineering staff support.  As a company, we strive daily to provide our customers with the service that we demanded during our years in industry.  Our goal is to develop and nurture truly symbiotic relationships that will benefit our customers and our family for generations to come.

Our Knowledge Base:

Q3 Engineering was forged from a family of degreed Engineers, with a focus on transparency, innovation and collaboration.  

Through our years in industry, each member developed a set of  industry specific skills and knowledge.  As a result, Q3 Engineering possesses a unique engineering capability. Paired with customer collaboration and transparency, Q3 Engineering providew our customers with an innovative edge in industry.    Our knowledge base spans broad a range of technology and industry including:

  • Petrochemical

  • Environmental controls

  • Combustion equipment design and controls

  • Pump design and manufacturing

  • Industrial Safety

  • Failure analysis


Our Team:

Ellisha Quaid-Johnson P.E., Q3 Engineering - Principal Engineer

I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  I have been practicing engineering for eleven years and obtained my Professional Engineering license with the state of Oklahoma.  I have experience in several industries including aerospace, oil & gas, and environmental protection.  I have spent my early years in industry focused on the technical aspect of engineering.  I then transitioned into a leadership role  over multiple engineering divisions.  Through my time in industry i have honed my abilities.  My expertise includes failure analysis, manufacturing processes, mechanical design and structural design for mechanical components.

Donovan Quaid, Q3 Engineering - Mechanical & Controls Engineer

I graduated from The University of Tulsa with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  After graduating, I started working for a combustion company where I managed domestic and international projects.  During my tenure, I transitioned into instrumentation & control system design for combustion systems. I was also actively involved in logic programming for safety instrumented systems, process control, HMI design, and communication and commissioning for complex combustion equipment.  I received an opportunity to further develop my I&E skill set by transitioning into a heat treating and manufacturing company where I managed capital projects,  as well as conducted troubleshooting and design word. 





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