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Q3 Engineering provides engineering services for non hazardous or hazardous area applications.  Q3 Engineering has strong roots in industrial  equipment spanning the heat treating, oil & gas and the power generation industries. With a background in the design, fabrication, commissioning and troubleshooting; Q3 Engineering can be a valuable resource throughout the life cycle of your plant:

Industrial Automation & Control Systems

  • As diverse as consumer technology is, industrial automation is no different.  Whether it is to modify an existing technical specification or generate a new technical specification, Q3 Engineering LLC will work with our customers to make sure that a clear RFQ packet for their control's project is generated to help our customers define their project scope & expectations. 

  • Perform a an audit on a customers control system & process control to evaluate efficiency improvements via their control system and continuous improvement plans to keep our customers plants evolving with today's technology.

  • Sensor & control element selection for specific applications or processes

  • Field inspection and commissioning fired equipment on a domestic or international basis

  • Third party design review to customers specification & industrial standards

  • Witness or manage the FAT & SAT 

  • Control system & equipment troubleshooting during commissioning or on an operational basis

  • Generate a Migration plan to roll an existing system to a modern system selectively and strategically 

  • Complete the migration of existing controls to modern system 

  • Integration of controls into existing equipment or facilities

  • Training:

    • Skilled personnel are an expensive and limited resource in today's industrial automation industry.  The training and development of those personnel can mitigate downtime and increase production

    • With a diverse background and experience in control systems, mechanical engineering and operations Q3 Engineering LLC can work with our customers to generate a customized training program to fit our customers needs. 

  • HMI & PLC troubleshooting and modifications for 

    • Wonderware

    • Panelview

    • Siemens

    • Rockwell - Allen Bradley ControlLogix & GuardLogix Platforms

    • Siemens  

  • Control system project management consultant 

Mechanical Engineering 

Q3 Engineering provides mechanical engineering services


  • Evaluate equipment operational capabilities

  • Perform Engineering studies on equipment & the process to propose custom engineered solutions

  • Control valve sizing

  • Piping design & calculations

  • Field inspections & supervision

  • Third party design review to customers specification & industrial standards

  • Third party inspection during fabrication

  • Modifications to existing plant/customer drawings to document field modifications  

  • Failure analysis  ​​

  • Inspection and test plans

Engineering Outsourcing

Q3 Engineering has a number of highly skilled engineers with backgrounds in petrochemical, environmental, pump design, control design, and steel industries.  These skill sets are available as a contract (daily) or project basis to meet our customers needs.  Q3 Engineering prides itself on absolute responsiveness to our customers, so if you have a need for engineering support of any type, please ask.

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